And you will have better and more surely as if you had wanted.

//And you will have better and more surely as if you had wanted.

And you will have better and more surely as if you had wanted.

We are just beginning to explore this dense and surprising domain of the subconscious. Yet some points are already vested in a way almost certain. But we have not yet applied methodically Education the results of these psychical research.

We always noticed that children in particular let themselves be led by all the dark forces that, despite us realize in every being a huge portion of destiny. But this mysterious me, treated as an enemy that wants to both ignore and fight. According to the psychic laws which we shall say a word, we often succeeded only strengthen the enemy at the expense of education.

The will, moral cornerstone of our school, is able to curb the whims of the subconscious imagination, this “Queen of the house”? “Every time, said Coue (l), the imagination and the will clash, it is always the imagination which triumphs. “Better Once an idea has taken hold of our subconscious to the point of triggering a suggestion, every effort aware that we can do to resist this suggestion only serve to enhance the realization. The classic example is this: you learn to ride a bicycle.

A large rock in the middle of the road. The idea abut it grabs your mind and makes suggestions. You can say: I do not want, and make the greatest efforts you will bump on the stone.

And you will have better and more surely as if you had wanted. Because – and this is another act of self-suggestion, the conscious purpose of law – in suggestions, the end being thought, the subconscious is responsible for finding the means to achieve it. It is certain that we are here in front of a great and mysterious force against which it is vain to use our will to work.

Better to try to discipline, to control it if possible, to make it serve the individual and social liberation of individuals. Influence the subconscious, do act in the direction of education, as is the role of suggestion and auto-suggestion. We will not dwell on this first form, well known to all, suggestion: calm product calm, anger produces anger and hatred, nervousness product agitation. It is an infallible law in our classrooms.

The result is that key recommendation: the educator must keep calm as large as possible, speak softly and in a voice rather monotonous shrill; he must appease the excitement and nervousness by silence and smoothness; it must have an open and cheerful face, if he wants to produce joy; be employed and active, to generate activity and go. It is especially in the sense of constant influence on the subconscious that the educator’s personality has a great influence.

It will then, in daily practice, remember always that if a good or bad idea seizes the mind of the child, the subconscious will despite us realize. We will not try here to show the benefits or dangers of a systematic practice, school, autosuggestion, or see how far it could advantageously supplement the traditional moral lessons. We would only show educators that some words of everyday language in our schools, are likely to do bad suggestions and should be absolutely banned.

Repeat for days and days that a student is dirty, turbulent, unintelligent, is arouse in him a suggestion that inevitably will dirtier, more turbulent, more unintelligent. It costs nothing to say on the contrary the words: clean, diligent, intelligent, etc … that will trigger suggestions conducive to education. Never persuade a child it hurts, it hurts more than the day before it is to annihilate all his efforts.

We must show instead that, in the words of Coue: every day, at all points of view it is better and better. Let also the bad suggestions are handwritten annotations. “Bad, dirty, not applied”, etc … should never be written in the hand of a teacher. And so yet, tell us do you, the child really has these defects, should we conceal them?

We have to persuade us that it will not help to strengthen in him the evil suggestions that are already too powerful; better help, with good suggestions to make each day a little better. And this independently of other remedial measures recommended by teachers. It is useless to oppose the conscious self or subconscious of the child. This can only prepare downdrafts, causes more severe mental disorders.

The moral treatment must help the individual in his effort to the moral and social well before being a strictly punitive treatment. 4. External Organizations children at the school. They help a lot in the new discipline because they are entering in school life and the spirit of cooperation and division of labor that we advocate.

We did not, alas, to help us, in capitalist countries, the sports groups, especially football, where children obey the law of the team. Another very important movement is unfortunately not true self-organization of children: we mean the associations of boy scouts. It gives too much importance to the preparation of leaders and strict obedience to the law of the scout. It is an organization that prepares, on the one hand of heads-lit, and secondly, docile citizens.

But this is not a proletarian organization. The movement of pioneers, Russia, a much more popular and democratic basis. The principle is not preparing an elite government of the mass, but the preparation of the mass in politics and active control of all acts of the community. 5. The influence of family and social environment is certainly decisive. In capitalist countries, especially the social environment opposes the establishment of a free and worker discipline.

Despite this, the school must mingle as much as possible to ambient life. As for the possible use of parent associations for disciplinary purposes, this is a sensitive issue, which is related to the education of parents themselves, and we can not solve here. CHAPTER III Practical Conclusions Even in schools that are still under capitalism, it is possible to move towards the new discipline and a better organization of school work.

The task is thankless and difficult, because society, the family, the whole apparatus of modern life – programs too – contradict sound education we want to give. However, we believe that revolutionary educators should not be content to modernize without improving an authoritative basis for discipline. We do not believe it necessary to help the patching.

We urge them to move deliberately in the way we have tried to show: – new organization of school work, and intense life of the school. – Walk to the school community by the institution of cooperatives aimed at free social work. They often find more work, less so proud of vanity: but they will be rewarded with a new activity, a cordial atmosphere unknown to this day, and that earned their academic progress some.

Points to be mainly carry the action of do my homework websites
the revolutionary achievements of educators better discipline. A. – The programs and manuals: The real tyrants are rarely programs, but the bad books that exacerbate defects. The fight against the bad books, publishing manuals or books better suited libraries to new working methods, facilitate discipline.

B. – The exams are certainly the biggest obstacle to this discipline. Controlling the only verbal acquisition, they force teachers to cram; and the preparation of these exams does not accommodate a liberal discipline. A very methodical action must be taken without delay for the modernization of various examinations.

The employment tests can now enable a fair trial. C. – Ask the abolition of all classes in the periodic reviews or rankings based on competition. D. – As we speak the same rationalization in the field of public education, it is necessary to intensify the campaign to reduce enrollment at the most favorable figure to a good education.

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